VDE Vision in Dimensions Extended

Balancing energy from the subtle body to the physical body. From the inside out.
So what exactly is it?
Patrick Nicora

Thanks to Patrick's constant research, training and practice that lasted over fifteen years, the VDE was born.

Patrick uses VDE to perceive a person beyond the physical aspect.

This vision facilitates the alignment of Soul - Mind - Body, leading to a rediscovery of internal harmony with yourself, your body and emotions and with others.

These three aspects can sometimes be out of alignment, causing a series of issues: deep-down emotional unease and/or distress or physical issues that have deeper causes and which seem unrelated to everyday factors.

This is an innovative approach, where a person is perceived starting from their deep essence: their Divine Spark and Soul.

How can VDE help?
Patrick Nicora

VDE can help treat many conditions: chronic pain, extreme muscle tension, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, digestive problems, insomnia, interpersonal issues, fears, sense of inability and more.

Spontaneous harmonisation activates a sensation of physical and mental calm and a state free of a racing mind; we will eliminate fears, limits or beliefs that have prevented you from expressing your full potential until now.

It is not a temporary state but an actual, long-lasting change reflecting your possibilities.

We are all able to do this. Just let yourself go and experience the change.