Middendorf Breathwork

Patrick Nicora

Patrick continued his studies from 2008 to 2011 with a three-year training programme in the Middendorf Breathwork method in Zurich, expanding his vision and concepts of holistic wellbeing.

According to Ilse Middendorf, the goal of this breathwork is to rediscover a person’s natural breathing rhythm without influencing it in any way.

It is “natural breathing” and is very relaxing from a holistic point of view, where the interaction of the breath is the means of expression of the individual.

Mindful perception of the stages of breathing (inhaling - exhaling - pause) becomes a personal experience, where tension eases and the breath flows freely, calming emotions and thoughts; the body is freed from old patterns, distress and/or disharmony, memorising new ways of breathing.

How does it work?
Patrick Nicora

This process involves manipulating the body (similar to massage), harmonising the intensity and rhythm of the breath.

The most noticeable result is a pleasant sense of lightness and harmony that lingers over time.

The body unconsciously taps into new resources, relaxing the mind, and quickly learns to let go of unnecessary tension, leading to a positive approach to everyday challenges.

NB: Supplementary health insurance covers part of the cost of Middendorf Breathwork based on a list of specific services (between 50% and 90%).